• Pic by Yaki Dunietz

Kapitan & Rejoicer

Yuvi and Dori is a new duo by the musical artists Rejoicer (Yuvi Havkin) and Kapitan (Dori Sadovnik), who after years of friendship, joined together to create a free-form of ambient, instrumental music that touches the soul.

Under the often-use moniker Rejoicer, Havkin’s catalogue of music floats between soul and jazz, ambient and low-fi hiphop grain. The artist has released several albums on his Raw Tapes imprint since coming up in the Tel Aviv music scene more than a decade ago. Sadovnik is 1/2 of the incandescent duo Red Axes, a groundbreaking act that has performed its distinct blend of thumping house-techno in countless countries across the world.

Kapitan & Rejoicer is the result of an impromptu recording session during a sojourn to the north shore of Ibiza in August 2023, and a one-off live performance in a quiet field along a hillside of the island. The two friends gravitated and stripped down their artistic approach to washy swells of haunting melodies, sounds and textures like fleeting moments into the great unknown.


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