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& Yudko - What It Is

By KerenDun , Yudko
Like diving deep into darkness and finding little flashy lights swimming around. You want to join them so you start to follow, you’re not quite sure if they know you’re there, slowly you realize you are one of them.

Dark groovy beats, on the edge of experimental.

For the recordings, we used voice, woodwinds, trumpet, flute, percussion, synths, broken guitars and samples.

For the sake of
What is it?


released 11 August 2015

Made at home in 2013
Mixed at ‘No-More Studios’ by KerenDun & Yudko
Mastered by Rejoicer
Art by UNGA (Broken Fingaz)
Special Thanks goes to Pretty Lauren, Sol Monk, Rejoicer, Arad Yeini (The Trumpet Master), Nunez the Cat.