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By Buttering Trio

"Toast" is the debut LP by Buttering Trio, consisting of beats by KerenDun, Rejoicer and Beno, and is the result of the cooperation of the three during the past year, collaborating with the best musicians around. The beats came to life in three different studios - Wrangelstr. 666 Studio Berlin, Spaceship Studio Kibbutz Dunietz and Kicha Studios Tel Aviv, making the album a kind of a schizophrenic new-school romantic child. MAKE FALAFEL NOT WAR.

"Toast sublimely combines ballads and beats in a manner that redefines trip-hop: deep, melancholic tunes accompanied by a groove that lies on the aesthetics of Dilla" Shuzin, 3421

Get the full experience:

Music by Buttering Trio (KerenDun, Beno, Rejoicer)

Lyrics by KerenDun

"Ganja Man" written by GYMBass (Gal Yaron Meirson)

Additional Lyrics on "Falafel" by Maya Dunietz, Beno Hendler

Additional Vocals on "Ganja Man" - Adir The Doctor Dadia

Keyz on "Ibiza" and "Mean To Me" by Asaf Talmudi

Keyz on "Tired Love" by Maya Dunietz

Keyz on "Berliner" by Amit Alcalai

Bass on "Berliner" by GYMBass

Recording Engineer on tracks 1,2,3,8,10 - Adir Dadia, Asaf Shay, Marko Gurkan

Mastering by Marko Gurkan @ Kicha Studios , TLV

Art and Design by Jengo

Special thanks - Maya Dunietz, Arline Kremerman, Noam Havkin, DJ Werd, Yaki and Esti Dunietz, Dana Dunietz, Don Juan, The Doctor, Eyal Talmudi, Kip tags