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Sail With Me

By Buttering Trio

A smooth, swimmy love story of the new generation.

After almost three years since their last album ‘Threesome’ was released, Buttering Trio returns with a real gem of a single. With its' soothing yet uplifting flow, the moving harmony, lyrics that play with the soul, this song reflects the trio’s new direction. 'Sail With Me' launches Buttering Trio Plus One - the official cooperation of Buttering Trio with drummer Amir Bresler. The song was composed, written and recorded in one magical session...


Music by Buttering Trio (KerenDun, Beno Hendler, Rejoicer)

Lyrics by KerenDun

Drums by Amir Bresler

Violins by iogi (Yogev Glusman)

Master by Asaf Shay

Art and Design by Tant (Broken Fingaz)