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No 2

By Mad Steve

Following the success of Mad Steve's 1st album - "No", comes the MC friendly, intelligent, totally emotionless - "No 2: The Threshold of Liberty". Contrary to the last release, which was more of a collection of beats, this is a much more wrapped up album with a certain concept behind it. In this album Mad Steve manages to capture a very vivid and warm image, yet keeping the instruments pretty minimal - saying no to exaggerated texturing and excessive emotions. That's Mad Steve for you - trying to hide his emotions. If you're an MC, you're probably going to love this album. If you hate music, well, you'll probably love this too. Actually we can't think of people who might not like this album...maybe deaf people.

All tracks produced and mixed by: Mad Steve

Mastered by: Bunny on Acid

Cover by: Jengo

Executive Producer: Osbourne "Ease" Green