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Kalimist K Boog

By Kalimist
Kalimist K Boog barrels through the lexicon of low-rider hip-hop, futuristic Synth groove and Boogie Funk into one bass-heavy musical experience.

Kalimist’s sound envelopes a slow-drip cascade of symphonic rhythms and colossal melodies floating up above, revealing analog drum loops and reverberations at its molten core.

A vivid kaleidoscope of bygone influences retained through the depths of dusty vinyl shops,and plausible for alleyway dance-offs or hazy nights at the club.


releases 10 October 2014

All Music Written&Produced By Kalimist K Boog
Recorded At Chevron Beat Labs, Tel-Aviv
Tunes 1,2,6,7 : Mixed by Tom Mochiach
Mastering : Asaf Shay
Photography: Michael Shvadron
Graphics: Jengo
Bio: Ross Belfer
Special Thanks To: Citizen Kane, Mad Steve, Raw Tapes Crew, MC Ayatola, Dumbeat, Phantom Mochiach, Mickey Shaviv, Johnny ‘G’, G.C , D-F , Roger T, I-Roy, BYC Fam, Cindy, Roni Fialkow, ODB, Suga Free, Hatuli & Co