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Fuckboi Exclusive

By Mo Rayon
Alabaster thoughts rolling thru smoked-filled stacks of bass, treble and ultra rhyme tenacity. The music of Mo Rayon transcends time and place; a golden hip-hop luster only a self-made producer/MC/beat-smith could conjure up. Beats & samples in one hand, microphone in the other, Mo Rayon inhales the smoke-filled streets of Tel Aviv, chews, compresses and spits into an original form of molten-hip-hop lava suitable for the dance floor or hazy sessions at home. Slower than an ox, quicker than a fox, Mo Rayon’s forthcoming album drop, Fuckboi Exclusive demands no guest appearances: a true piece of inward art and self-reflection with the only influence being the mind itself. Set the record askew. Smoke, wait and permeate the musical mind of Mo Rayon.


releases 10 May 2015

Music & Vocals by Mo Rayon
Additional Vocal Mix by Ori Shochat
Additional Mix by Nomok
Mastered by Asaf Shay
Artwork by Johnathan Carmel
Album Description by Ross Belfer
Vibe Materialization by Osbourne "Ease" Green
Shouts out to everyone involved in my life. i love you.