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Blasphemy EP

By Plusga , Mesh

When an MC hears any Plusga beats, it takes him about 30 seconds to realize he hit the jackpot. That’s exactly what happened about a year ago, when Mesh (a mutual friend) introduced between A7 and Plusga, both living in the same neighborhood. Not many days had passed before they finished recording the tracks, and another few months for Plusga’s lazy ass to finish the mix. This project combines raw lyrics and mesmerizing production, a shining star in the midst of all the electronic directions Hip Hop has been going to in the past few years, that represents a return to the roots and the poetic essence of Hip Hop.

The ultimate collabo. A7 on the mic, Plusga on the beats.

Vocals by A7

Produced & Mixed by Plusga

Cuts on all tracks except What More Can I Say by DJ Mesh

Mastering by Marco Gurken @ Kicha Studios

Design by Jengo

Photography by Max Chertkov

Executive produced by Osbourne "Ease" Green