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By Guadaloop / Rejoicer

After a long hiatus, Guadaloop comes back from the gutter to bring us this trip of an album. Continuing the Indian samples based album concept, Guadaloop now travels to the poignant land of Africa, twisting and mutating those indigenous sounds into what Guadaloop knows how to do best; weird Hip Hop beats. This almost seems too natural for this guy, who has always had a liaison with tribal rhythms. Guadaloop translates the classic rhythms and sounds of Africa into a modern celebration of ethnic ambience. 

Beats by Guadaloop

Mastering - Asaf Shay

Design - Jengo

Executive Producer - Osbourne "Ease" Green Big

Thanks goes to - Beno Hendler, Nomok, Mo Rayon, Luqman, KerenDun, Asaf, LBT, Shlomo Bar, Eyal Talmudi, DJ Mesh, The Doctor, Keves (Tiny Fingers), Kip