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LayerZ is a group of three jazz-trained virtuoso improvisers creating a sharp shock-wave of post-rock, electronica, and groove.
Since emerging from the Tel-aviv music scene, the three have swept after them thousands of listening ears and dancing feet everywhere they turn.

After collaborating with each other in many musical situations throughout the years, the team-up between the three LayerZ was inevitable, each one with vast musical experience they join up to form a real super group:

Gilad Abro – Bass
Jonathan Albalak – Guitar
Aviv Cohen – Drums

What started as a weekly jam in various constellations quickly evolved into a tight group of like-minds, sharing a deep and unique language and a constant flow of ideas communicated in sonic speed.
Each show immediately shoots the listeners towards new regions, and those can not stay indifferent in light of the high energies, fat beats and electrified vibe.