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Born 77', Beno Hendler is today one of Israel's busiest and a most prolific producer and bass player.

It was in his highschool years when beno first picked up a bass guitar, and has not put it down since.

Early in his career he was playing with many pop and mainstream acts though he gained his production skills working with local hip hop artists.

Beno kept playing with different Israeli legends such as Balkan Beat Box (With whom he toured the world twice) and Berry Sakhrouf (Who's latest album he also produced and reached critical acclaim).

Joining Buttering Trio in 2011 he brought a fresh spirit to the band, which is producing countless materials since.

Beno's solo work is very on point - whether its his solid dedication to rhythm or his groovy ass bass.

Simultaneously, he is leading the supergroup L.B.T (Live Beat Tapes) which he produces and records with other core members of the band.