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L.B.T (Live Beat Tapes) is a collective formed of hip hop producers, jazz musicians, rappers and singers.

We took the format of a mixtape into the creation process, initially looking at every episode as a whole, ultimately producing long flowing volumes of original tunes with seamless transitions. A new way of making and listening to music emerged.  

A typical Live Beat Tapes session begins with the rhythm section - The drummer starts to improvise on few different tempos and grooves for around an hour until we hit the sweet spot. After that comes the mighty bass, starting the first sprouts of harmony and revealing the backbone for the episode. This creates a solid start for the rest of the musicians to jam on. Keys, guitars, percussions, samples, brass and words join in, each giving another layer. When it feels right we start to mix it.


Members: Beno, Rejoicer, Amir Bresler, Nomok, Asaf Shay, Yudko, Echo, KerenDun, Yonatan Albalak, Rebel Sun, Mo Rayon, Aviv Cohen; Mesh Cohen